A fascinating history


The beginnings of the beginnings. The history of Covo dei Saraceni is the history of a family, of a splendid 19th century residence on the most beautiful sea of Positano, of a father and his children.
In the early 1800’s, Clemente Savino, a coral merchant, during one of his many trips to America, decided to make the house of Positano on the sea his only home. At the time of his death in 1919, the home was occupied by his very young wife and their four sons.

The Savino brothers had their father’s entrepreneurial spirit in their blood and if in the winter they were skilled fishermen, in summer with their cabin cruisers organized, for the tourists that already crowded the coast, excursions toward the most beautiful beaches in the surrounding area, to Capri and Ischia.

Casa Savino, during the celebrations of the landing of the Saracens that even today takes place in the Festival of the Black Madonna, hosted the dressing of the participants, and that is why when in 1955 the brothers decided to open a restaurant on the floor immediately under the house, they called it Covo dei Saraceni.

The division of the house into rooms followed a year after the restaurant, then another generation passed, and the major expansions arrived with the transformation into a Hotel, following and encouraging the growth of tourism of Positano.

The Savino family kept up the pace of change, the love for the hospitality, attention to details, additional expansions and modernization, the construction of the most beautiful pool on the sea of Positano and the arrival of the five stars. The family history is seen in the quality of Covo dei Saraceni, its hospitality, the refined taste of its decor, and the unmistakable flavors of its cuisine.

Due to the beauty of the facility and its extreme privacy, famous personalities from culture, art, entertainment and international politics have made it their summer homes. It has also been the cinematic backdrop for many films, including “Lions in the Sun” and “Only you.”

Today the Covo dei Saraceni dominates the beach and the most beautiful sea of Positano, set in an embrace with the steep mountain down to the sea, and in its heart is a home, a family, and an enthusiastic wish to host the future.