We interpret the typical cuisine of Positano, that of the sea, of the local fish and their flavors. We select the freshest seasonal raw materials: the unmistakeable olive oil, the intense red of country tomato, the freshness of buffalo mozzarella, the colors of the seasonal fruit.
Every day we present the best of our territory to our guests, and we transform it into an opportunity for a meeting between your palate and our tradition. Chefs, master pastry chefs, gelato-makers, and pizza chefs are ready to guide you on a sensory tour to explore the pleasures of the table and conviviality.

Our cuisine is a book that tells of Positano and of its flavors; it is the souvenir that we leave to the senses of our guests on returning home; it is the sweetness of happy days, the bitterness of goodbye; it is the saltiness of wishing to return soon.